Monday, December 15, 2014

Zoya Mystery Box Revealed!

I have my Zoya Mystery Box to show you today! This was a promo that Zoya had on Cyber Monday. The cost of the bag was $15.00 and it sold out the same day it was released. If you are interested in my original post about the promo, you can take a look at it here.

This bag ins't on sale now, but I thought I'd show you what I received so that if they do a similar promotion in the future, you might have some idea what could be in store! Inside the shipping box was the box shown above and the mini Color Lock system shown below.

The mini Color Lock system contains a 1 oz bottle of Remove +, which happens to be my favorite polish remover, a 0.25 oz Anchor base coat, a 0.25 Armor top coat, a 0.25 Fast Drops polish drying drops and a small dropper for the drying drops. This set retails for $20.00 on Zoya's website, so this system alone was worth the $15.00 I paid for the box.

On to the contents of the box I showed you above. Inside there was a smaller box that contained three Mini Glam polishes, a Matte Velvet lipstick and a Natural Nail Growth Stimulator by Qtica, which is a sister brand to Zoya.

L-R: Willa, Lael, Rehka

The polishes I received are Willa (black), Lael (purple) and Rehka (red). These are all glossy shades and ones that I will definitely use, so I am happy about that. They all came in their own cute little box. The mini bottles are 0.25 oz and retail for $5.00 on

The Natural Nail Growth Stimulator is 0.25 oz and the full size, which is 0.50 oz, retails for $20.00. From what I read on the instructions it is meant to be used as a base coat and should strengthen and lengthen your natural nails. The Matte Velvet Lipstick is in the color Red and is inspired, according to the website, by the Matte Velvet nail polish in the color Posh. I am not a red lipstick wearer, so I will gift this on to someone who will wear it. It retails for $12.00. 

I also received codes for 50% off of my next order and a free 8 oz bottle of Remove + (which retails for $9.99.) These codes were automatically added to my account on Zoya,com when my box shipped. 

I think this box was a fantastic deal! I would purchase one again in a heartbeat. The total value of my box (not including the 1/2 off coupon) is $66.99! I think this set is the perfect way for someone to give Zoya a try for the first time, since it includes everything you would need for a great manicure. What do you think? Would you purchase a Mystery Box in the future? I'd love to hear what you think! 


  1. Oh my gosh! What a fantastic deal! I am in love with the red nail polish color. I'll have to borrow it. That coupon code is really worth it, especially if there's ever a large order to be made. Great post!

    1. Thank you! It ended up being totally the money. And of course you can borrow it! I also appreciate that the coupons are good until
      March, so I don't have to make another order right away.