Sunday, December 7, 2014

KBShimmer LE Flakie Polishes

Today I have the new Limited Edition KBShimmer Flakie top coat polishes to show you. There are six polishes in this collection. I swatched all of them over a black polish (Zoya Black Swan.) I did two coats of the flakies with one coat of HK Girl, but you could do one coat of the flakie polish for a more subtle look. Let's get into them!

First up is Dark Matter. KBShimmer describes it as "our Indigo Flakie, very bold and vibrant over black and other dark colors. I couldn't capture the color shift of this one on my camera. It was a deep blue most of the time, but depending on the tilt of my hand, I could see a lighter blue. I love blue polish, so these flakies were right up my alley.

Lightening Ridge is a blue to green shifting flakie polish. I was able to capture the shift of color for the rest of the polishes, which I'm happy about. Most of the time this looks blue and it shifts to teal and green. It looks like a mermaid color to me. So pretty!

Pinfire is a teal to green shifting flakie. This one looked similar to Lightning Ridge in the bottle, but they do look different on the nail. This one definitely has more green in it than Lightning Ridge.

Aurora is a green to yellow shifting polish. It goes from a golden yellow color to a lime green. I liked this one much more than I thought I was going to. 

Flame Queen is a red to green shifting polish. This one had the most shift for me, I think.  I could see green, gold, orange and red.  This one would be perfect for Fall! This is another favorite of mine.

The last polish I have to show you is Rainbow Shield.  It is a mix of all of the flakies together.  This one is really pretty as well. I love the rainbow of colors in this one, and it looks so good over the black.

I also have Rainbow Shield with a matte top coat. This makes the flakies stand out even more!

I think these are really interesting polishes. These are limited edition because KBShimmer is unable to get more of the flakies used in these polishes, so if you are interested, I would go and pick up the ones you like before they are gone. I really like the way all of them look great over black, and I'm interested to see what other colors they would look good with. If you have any colors you want me to try or if you want to see any of these matte, let me know. I can swatch them and then put them up on Instagram or Facebook. These polishes are available on KBShimmer's Etsy site here


  1. Gahhh, so gorgeous! Thank you for the wonderful photos!

    1. Thank you! I'm really glad you liked the photos! :0)