Monday, December 22, 2014

Christmas Manicure

I have a super cute Christmas manicure to show you today. I almost wish I had saved this idea for right before Christmas so I would have it on Christmas Day. I might just have to wear it again if I don't find anything else I like better!

Direct light

For this look I alternated Zoya Posh (available here), which is the red Matte Velvet, Zoya Veruschka (available here), the Matte Velvet green and OPI I Snow You Love Me for the accent nail. If you've read my previous posts, you know that I love the Matte Velvet polishes. They are pretty when left matte, but when you top coat them it brings out the most gorgeous shimmer. They go on smooth, dry quickly, and have a terrific formula. I highly recommend them to anyone. These quickly became some of my favorite polishes I bought this year. 

For the Christmas tree accent, I used OPI I Snow You Love Me from OPI's 2013 Winter/Holiday collection. This polish looks so pretty in the bottle, but has the most terrible formula if you try to brush it on like a regular polish. When I use it, I actually pull out the brush and drop some of the polish and glitter on a piece of tin foil and then just use a dotting tool and place the glitter where I want them to go. I really like this glitter.The holographic circles almost look like sequins on the nail. They do lay flat but because of the holo they look like they have a little texture. I placed a little yellow gem on top to act as the tree topper.I used one coat of HK Girl to seal everything in. Once I put the top coat on, I couldn't even feel the glitter. That is a good thing for me because if I can feel the edge of a glitter, I have a tendency to pick it off.  I've seen this polish recently at TJ Maxx, but it is also available online on

Indirect light

I love how this turned out! I will definitely be doing more glitter placement like this in the future. I feel like this is nail art that anyone can do as long as you have the glitter. You don't have to use a dotting tool to place the glitter, you could use a toothpick or a pencil. I would love to hear what you think of this look. Is it something you would wear for Christmas? It is a contender for my Christmas day manicure for sure!

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