Thursday, December 18, 2014

BOGO Zoya Pixie Dust Polishes

If you ever wanted to try the Zoya Pixie Dust polishes, now is the time to do it! I just got an email that they are discontinuing them. It's hard for me to believe because they are fantastic polishes! They go on easily, last a long time, and if you don't care for the texture, just put on some top coat and you're good to go!

Please let me know if you want to see swatches of any of the Pixie Dust polishes. I have all of them so anything you want to see, I can do! Here is a link to the posts that I currently have up that use the Pixie Dust polishes.

Here's what Zoya had to say in the email:

2014 is the year we say goodbye to Zoya PixieDust. But before PixieDust is gone forever, we're having a PixieDust BOGO.
Now's your last chance to stock up on all your favorite PixieDust shades! If you're a textured nail polish lover or have been wanting to try
texture for the first time, don't miss this great deal and make sure to get them before they're gone! 

Offer is valid on all Zoya PixieDust, Magical PixieDust and Ultra PixieDust Colors.
Valid Now – Sunday, December 21st (11:59pm EST) Exclusively on Use Code: PXD at Checkout!

Here's a couple pictures of the polishes I had together. I do have the pink Magical Pixie dusts, but they may be loaned out at the moment. Again, let me know if you want to see swatches of any, I'd be happy to do them!

Indoor, without flash

Indoor, with flash

Indoor, with flash


  1. I am absolutely saddened/outraged by this. They had such a good thing going with these original pixie dusts. Unbelievable brands constantly try to tell US, the consumer, what's on trend and what is not. Geez. I hope this isn't permanent.

    1. I'm suprised they're getting rid of them. I think they make a great accent nail and are perfect for toes in the Summer! Maybe they will come out with something new and even more amazing! :0)