Tuesday, December 2, 2014

KBShimmer Hexy Bikini and Orly Teal Unreal

Today I have KBShimmer Hexy Bikini and Orly Teal Unreal to show you. These polishes work well together because Hexy Bikini actually has teal glitter in it!

Orly Teal Unreal is from Orly's Surreal collection from the Fall of 2013. Teal Unreal just what it sounds like, a great teal creme polish. The formula on this was great. This is two coats of polish and one coat of HK Girl top coat. The only issue I had with this polish is major staining when I removed it. I noticed it after I started removing the polish on my first nail. Once I noticed that, I put Vaseline around the cuticles of the other nails, which made the removal on the other nails better,

KBShimmer Hexy Bikini is described on their site as "a combination of holo glitters in silver, teal and pink and reflects beautifully under the light of the sun." While I have other polishes similar to this (I used one a couple of days ago in a blog post here), what makes this one different is the addition of the teal and pink glitter. That is something very different from any other silver holo glitter that I have.This is two coats of polish and one coat of top coat. Hexy Bikini is part of KBShimmer's 6th Anniversary collection and is available here.

I really like this combination. I think that using the teal creme polish brings out the teal glitter in Hexy Bikini. The only think I didn't like about this manicure was the removal of Teal Unreal. Do you know any tricks for removing a polish that stains? I'd love to try something new! 

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