Saturday, December 13, 2014

Graduation Themed Stamped Design

Today is an exciting day for our family. My husband graduates from college with a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. I'm so proud of him. It has been a lot of work, plus with two little guys at home, he didn't have much time off. It will be awesome to see him get his diploma and Nursing pin today. 

In honor of his graduation, I decided to try my hand at some stamping. I recently bought a Konad stamper and a set of Holiday plates from Bundle Monster. I purchased both off of Amazon. For this look I used plate BM-H23. I used Zoya Dovima (one coat) as a base and stamped with Color Club Kismet from the Halo Hues collection. I topped it off with one coat of HK Girl.



This ended up looking pretty good. It is much more of a design than I could do free hand. My favorite out of the ones I used is the one in the middle picture above. It has so many different things in it. I will be doing some practicing with this set and I'm sure you'll see more soon!

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