Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Glisten & Glow Holiday Trio

Today I have the Glisten & Glow Holiday Trio to show you. This is a set of three holographic polishes that are perfect for the holidays or year-round! I these in a set of three, but I think they will be available separately soon. I will link the Glisten & Glow page here.

Look at the cute little gift bag!

This is Kissing Mrs. Claus. It is a berry red holographic polish. Just gorgeous and perfect for this time of year. This is two coats of Kissing Mrs. Claus and one coat of HK Girl top coat.

Indurect, indoor lighting

Direct, indoor lighting

Next up is Elves Gone Wild. This is a pretty green holographic polish, I really liked this one as well. This is two coats of Elves Gone Wild with one coat of HK Girl.

Indoor, indirect lighting

Indoor, direct lighting

I saved my favorite for last. This is Naughty List. This is a blue/purple-you could say blurple-holographic polish. Wow. I just love this one. Naughty List is the one that I decided to keep on after I swatched these polishes. This was the polish that had the most holo I could see in indirect lighting. It is just gorgeous. This is two coats of Naughty List with one coat of HK Girl.

Indoor, indirect lighting

Indoor, direct lighting


I had absolutely no issues with the formula of any of these polishes. I will definitely be using these more often than just during the holidays! As of the time I post this, the three polish set is still on sale on the Glisten & Glow site. If you're interested, I would check it out right away and see if you can still get this great set on sale! I'll link the listing here. Which one is your favorite? I'd love to hear down below!

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