Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag

I have my December Rainbow Honey Mystery Bag to show you today! Rainbow Honey's Mystery Bag contains a mix of nail polish and nail and skin care items. The theme of this month's bag was inspired by fictional characters from Russian literature. There are two polishes, a scented top coat, a solid perfume, body lotion, and cuticle balm in the December bag.

Let's go over the nail and skin care items first! In December's bag the scent theme is Muscovite, which Rainbow Honey describes as a blend of Winter fragrances and holiday sweets, capturing the crisp and chilly Moscow air blended with sweet and fruity holiday aromas. I really enjoy this fragrance. It does remind me of winter, I think crisp and sweet are perfect words to describe it. 

Now on to the polishes! There is a Muscovite scented top coat, a full coverage polish and a glitter topper. I don't have swatches of the top coat, because it was clear, but I will let you know how I like it when I use it. Both of these polishes are from an upcoming 2015 collection. The polishes in these bags are always either bag exclusives or polishes from collections that have not been released yet. 

L-R: The Master, Woland, and the scented top coat

The first polish is The Master. Rainbow Honey describes it as a gorgeous scarlet red, packed with micro gold and platinum flakes. Personally, I think of this color as more of a deep pink, rather than red, but it is really pretty either way! This is two coats of The Master with one coat of HK Girl.

This last polish, Woland, is my favorite thing from the bag this month. Rainbow Honey describes it as a glitter topper like no other! Packed with a mix of black opal and silver holo glitters, Woland is the perfect accent for a luxurious New Year's mani. This is one coat of Woland over two coats of Zoya Seraphina, which is a white-silver polish. Besides the black and silver glitter, I could see mini iridescent glitter and blue shimmer. This is stunning.

I think these Mystery Bags are a great deal for the amount of money you spend. The large bag subscription, which is what I've just shown you, is $25.00 per month (free shipping US and $6.95 Canada) and the mini size subscription bag, which has the same items-just smaller, is $10.00 plus shipping ($2.95 US, $6.95 Canada). You can also buy the bags without a subscription on the Rainbow Honey site. I'll link the site here so you can check out all the details!

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