Thursday, December 11, 2014

Butter London All Hail The Queen and Dubs

Today I have a neutral and very pretty combination using Butter London polishes. I needed a little neutral pallet cleanse after all of the beautiful bright colors I've been wearing.  This is All Hail The Queen and Dubs.

All Hail The Queen (L) and Dubs (R)

Indoor, indirect lighting

Indoor, direct lighting

All Hail The Queen is a Butter London polish that I had heard quite a bit about before I actually purchased it. I believe it came out in the Fall of 2010 collection, but was called All Hail McQueen at that time. Butter London describes All Hail The Queen as an opaque, holographic beige nail lacquer. The holo in this is very delicate. If I was going to reach for a neutral polish to wear, it would be this one.  There are quite a few neutral polishes that don't look the best with my skin tone, but I think this actually looks a bit flattering. I used two coats of AHTQ on all of my nails with one coat of HK Girl.

Dubs is a newer polish. It is from the Summer 2014 Brick Lane collection. Butter London describes it as a full coverage, taupe glitter in a 3D textured base. This polish is textured, but only slightly, at least it was for this application. I used one coat of Dubs over AHTQ, so I don't know if it gets more textured if you would layer the coats, but I suspect it would. I smoothed out the texture with one coat of HK Girl.

I think these work so well together. Dubs gives this look the right amount of sparkle for me, while still keeping the neutral look I was going for. Are you a neutral polish fan or do you wear more bright colors? I tend to wear more bright colors, but this combination is such a winner in my book. I will definitely be wearing it again! 

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