Thursday, December 18, 2014

Colores de Carol Winter Collection Picks

Today I have a brand that is new to me to show you today! These are my picks from the Colores de Carol Winter/Holiday Collection.

L-R: Mittens, Glitter Garland, and Blanca Navidad

First up is a glitter topper called Glitter Garland. It is a clear base packed with several sizes of green, red and silver holographic circles, small silver diamonds, small silver stars and iridescent micro glitter. I didn't have any issues getting glitter out of the bottle on this one. I did have to spread it around a little on the nail to get even coverage, but the amount of glitter that comes out on one dip of the brush is awesome. This is one coat of Glitter Garland over Zoya Black Swan.

Next is Mittens. This is a medium grey with subtle pink shimmer. On the website, it also states that it has linear holo in it, but I could not see the holo in it. I did really like this polish even without the holo. I don't own many grey polishes and this one has a really nice formula. This is two coats of Mittens with no top coat. It did dry to a slightly satin finish.

Blanca Navidad is a gorgeous glitter topper. It has micro holographic glitter, white matte glitter, iridescent glitter and two different sizes of snowflakes. I did have to do a bit of fishing to get the snowflakes out, but that is pretty normal for larger glitter like this. I couldn't get any of the larger snowflakes out, but the smaller snowflakes actually fit better on my nail than the larger ones would have. They don't sit flat on the nail, so a couple coats of top coat may be necessary to smooth everything out. This is one coat of Blanca Navidad (with the snowflakes placed on the nail) over Mittens.

I really liked these polishes and would purchase from Colores de Carol again. These polishes are all currently available at the time of this post here. Which polish is your favorite out of these three? I'd love to hear!


  1. I'm sorry Jenny, I haven't seen this post :(
    Thank you very much for your support!