Monday, December 1, 2014

Dance Legends Candy Flake 614 Final Fantasy

Today I have the other manicure that I used Orly Saturated for. I used it as a base for this look with Dance Legends Candy Flake 614 Final Fantasy on top of it.

Final Fantasy is a flakie polish with a purple jelly base and red shimmer throughout it. The flakes shift from blue to green depending on how you are holding your hand or the lighting that the polish is under. 

This is one coat of Final Fantasy (available on here) over two coats of Orly Saturated. This is really pretty.  My pictures do not do justice to Final Fantasy.  It is so much brighter and it reflects much more light than I could capture in my pictures

I don't have any other polishes like this one, but flakie polishes seem to be the next big thing in nail polish.  I have seen several different nail polish brands come out with flakie polishes in the last week or so.  They give such a different look to any color of polish. Are you a flakie polish fan? I'd love to know!

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