Tuesday, November 25, 2014

KBShimmer Prism Break with China Glaze Holly-day

I have a polish that I think is really interesting on my blog today. It is KBShimmer Prism Break. Prism Break is a linear holographic topper polish.  You can put this polish over any color and make it look like a holographic polish.

This is one coat of Prism Break over two coats of China Glaze Holly-day. Holly-day is a dark green creme polish. It is from China Glaze's 2011 Holiday collection but you can still find it online if you're interested in it, but you could use any color you wanted for a look like this.  Prism Break is available on KBShimmer's website here.

If you wanted more holo you could do two coats and the holographic shimmer would be much more prominent. What color would you use under Prism Break?  I just really like that you can change the finish of any polish so easily. Let me know what you think!


  1. What a beautiful holiday look! I love it!

  2. Oh, to answer your question, I would use any prime-type color (red, green, blue) underneath prism, since the holographic shimmer seems to be in primary colors.

    1. I think for the Holidays it would look pretty to alternate red and green. Might have to try it!