Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Today I have a polish to show you from KBShimmer's Winter collection and a turkey Jamberry accent nail. I'm still working on my nail art skills, so it's nice to have the Jamberry nail wraps as an option.

The polish I used today is Deja Brew. KBShimmer describes it as "this rich brown polish has cinnamon red undertones that set off the linear holographic rainbow." It is just perfect for this time of year and is available on KBShimmer's website here. I think this is my favorite brown polish that I own. This is two coats of Deja Brew with a coat of HK Girl on top. The formula on this was so good. I didn't have to do hardly any clean up when I was done painting my nails. I'm really loving this Winter collection.

Look at this cute, sleepy turkey!  I love using these wraps for accent nails. I hope to someday be able to do nail art on my own, but I have a lot of practicing before that is going to happen. Before I started blogging I used these wraps for a full manicure and it lasted well beyond a week. Typically you don't get that kind of wear with polish and there are tons of designs and even different finishes to choose from. One of my sisters sells Jamberry nail wraps and you can check out her website here

I think this is a really festive look for Thanksgiving. Have you ever tried the nail wraps before? If you have any questions about the wraps, leave them below and I'll get the answers for you or ask her to come on and answer you herself! 

I hope you have a fun filled, fantastic Thanksgiving day! 

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