Thursday, November 6, 2014

Glitter Lambs Christmas Polishes

Today I have several Glitter Lambs Christmas glitter polishes to show you. I used a Zoya creme polish as the base for each of these glitters. This post will be very picture heavy because I want to show you several shots of these fantastic polishes.  All of the glitter polishes have a bottle shot with them because they have so many different glitters in them. I wanted you to be able to see what the mixes looked like. None of these polishes are typical Christmas polishes.  She is making quite a few Christmas polishes in small batches, so if any of these interest you, I suggest picking them up right away! On to the polishes!

The Glitter Lamb polishes next to each of their Zoya base colors.
L-R: Pink Gingerbread House, Christmas Jelly Roll,
Christmas in the Desert, It's Snowing Cotton Candy
L-R: Blu, Breezi, Ibiza, Bevin

The first polishes I have to show you are Pink Gingerbread House and Blu.  For this combination I used two coats of Blu with one coat of Pink Gingerbread House.  I didn't have a problem with the formula on any of the polishes. I did do a little dabbing with all of the gitters to make sure I had fairly even coverage on all of the nails.

Next I have Christmas Jelly Roll over Breezi.  This is one coat of Breezi with one coat of Christmas Jelly Roll. I tried not to match the base colors to the glitter polishes so that the glitter would stand out. I wanted you to be able to see all of the different colors and shapes of glitter! 

There are some unexpected black matte glitters in this one, which I think is really interesting.

Up next is Christmas in the Desert over Ibiza.  Ibiza is a polish I used for the first time recently and I just love it.  Christmas in the Desert is one of my favorites of this collection along with the one I'm going to show you next. This is one coat of Ibiza with one coat of Christmas in the Desert. 

The last set I have to show you is It's Snowing Cotton Candy over Bevin.  This is such a great combination.  I think the green of Bevin really shows off the iridescent glitter and pink stars in It's Snowing Cotton Candy. This is one coat of Bevin with one coat of It's Snowing Cotton Candy. All of these combinations were top coated with one coat of HK Girl top coat.

I really like these polishes. Even though they are part of Glitter Lambs' Christmas collection, they would be good year round.  All of them had good glitter payoff.  She did send along a baggie of gold hearts with Pink Gingerbread House and pink stars to go with It's Snowing Cotton Candy.  That's one thing I think is really thoughtful.  I really dislike fishing for glitter and with the extras, you don't have to!  The Glitter Lambs polishes can be found here, and the Zoya polishes are available here. What is your favorite combination of these polishes?  I hope you're ready for holiday polishes, because I have more on the way that I can't wait to show you!

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