Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Rainbow Honey January Mystery Bag

Let's take a look at all the fantastic things I got in my Rainbow Honey January Mystery bag! If you aren't familiar with RH Mystery Bags, I'll tell you a little about them. They come in Large and Mini sizes. They typically contain the same products and polishes, but the Mini size bag has smaller sizes. The Large bag (which is what I'm going to show you here) is $25.00/month with free shipping and the Mini is $10.00/month plus shipping. Here is the link for the Mystery Bags.

I'll show you the products I received first and then we'll get into the polishes. Each month the products a different scent. This month is Lemon Sorbet. Rainbow Honey said that Lemon Sorbet is inspired by their take on Lemon Ice. I don't typically like lemon fragrances, I usually think they are too strong and tart. This scent is wonderful! It does smell like lemon, but it also smells sweet and has a bit of vanilla in it, I think. Really refreshing. This bag comes with a Lemon Sorbet lip scrub, a Lemon Sorbet Nourishing Lip balm, and a Lemon Sorbet Soap Bar. I'm so excited to try the lip scrub. I've been looking for a good one and haven't been able to find one, so this came at the perfect time. 

Now, on to the polishes! This bag came with three polishes and one of them is scented! 

The first polish is called Dirty Mintini. As soon as I took this one out of it's box, I thought it looked like mint chocolate chip ice cream (my favorite!) Rainbow Honey describes this as "an all minty creme based base sprinkled with delicious Belgian chocolate glitters!" They don't mention it, but I noticed that it has an iridescent shimmer that runs throughout the polish. This is amazing. The formula is excellent and it has the perfect ratio of glitter to base. This is three thin coats with top coat.

Next up is Rosy Bot. They have a line of polishes called The Robots and this is an addition to that line that will be available later this year. Rainbow Honey describes this one as "a gorgeous new 'palo de rose' metallic that will join the rest of the robot line up when the collection returns later this year." I did not like this one on it's own as much as I thought I would, but it does have a good formula. This is two coats with top coat. (I accidentally deleted the macro shot of this one!)

Last but certainly not least is Lemon Sorbet. This is scented like the Lemon Sorbet products in the bag. I could still smell it even after I put top coat over it. I'm impressed with that. Rainbow Honey describes this one as "a gorgeous scented glitter topper in a clear base, packed with micro glitters and white pigments to add sparkle to any manicure!" I used three coats of Lemon Sorbet on all of my fingers except the ring finger. On the ring finger I have one coat of Rosy Bot with one coat of Lemon Sorbet. This is stunning. I think it would look nice over so many different colors. 

I'm really impressed with this month's bag. I think it is totally worth the $25.00. Rainbow Honey polishes sell for $10 on their site, so getting three plus the other products is amazing. What do you think? I'd love to hear which polish is your favorite!

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