Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Butter London Fishwife

Today I have Butter London Fishwife to show you. Fishwife is a polish I received from one of my sisters for my birthday a couple of years ago when I was just getting into polish.

Direct Light

Indirect Light

Fishwife is a gorgeous sage green holographic polish that leans a little toward the blue side of green. It is so pretty and delicate on the nails. I used two coats of Fishwife and one coat of HK Girl for this look. You could do three coats, but I liked the way it looks with two. I think this is a perfect Spring color. 

The formula on Fishwife is good. It went on smooth, and the consistancy of the polish is just right. Not too thick or too thin. The holo really shines through in direct lighting. There hasn't been much sun around here the past few days, so I have just been using indoor lighting, but I bet this would look amazing in sunlight! Fishwife is available at Butterlondon.com, and at several other stores and websites. 

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