Monday, January 19, 2015

*New* Polishes from Glitter Lambs

I have a few new polishes from Glitter Lambs to show you today! Glitter Lambs is an indie polish maker that makes all kinds of glitter topper polishes. Her polishes aren't intended to be full coverage polishes. I have three of her new polishes to show you today. I purchased two and one was a gift in my order.

The first polish I have to show you is Unicorns Love Sugar Cubes. When I first saw this polish, I thought it looked so amazing! It is a clear based polish with large white squares, circles, and stars, small glitter in circles and squares in almost every color you can think of! Red, pink, orange, yellow, green, light blue, dark blue, and purple. There is also white and iridescent micro glitter. The glitter payoff on one dip was good. I did do a little placment of the white larger glitters so they were spread out over the nail. This is one coat of Unicorns Love Sugar Cubes over Zoya Darcy. I did use one coat of HK Girl over everything.

Up next is Bee-Mine Jesus, one of her Valentine's Day polishes. So pretty! This is a clear based glitter topper with pink stars, silver hearts, diamonds, circles and triangles, meduim and small hex glitter in all different colors, small squares in several different colors, and holographic micro glitter. This one had excellent payoff as well. I actually had to wipe some polish off of the brush before putting it on, otherwise I would've had too much glitter on! This is one coat of Bee-Mine Jesus over one coat of Zoya Rooney with one coat of HK Girl.

The last polish I have to show you today is Sun Dazzler Glaze. This one was the gift in my order and it is stunning. Honestly, when I put this on my first nail, I actually said "Oooh" out loud. :0) This is tiny color shifting flakies in a clear base. To my eye it shifts from green-teal-blue. This would look good over almost any color I think. I think that the shift would've shown up a little better over a darker polish, but I really like this combination. She is going to be releasing more polishes like this one and I will probably have to purchase them all! I think they would look good over a polish in a similar color to the glitter as well as a contrasting color, like I have here. It just brings extra sparkle and shine to any polish! I used one coat of Sun Dazzler Glaze over Zoya Rooney, but you could use more coats to get more glitter coverage. This also has one coat of HK Girl.

I love these polishes. I have yet to get a Glitter Lambs polish that I am disappointed in. I really like that you get good glitter coverage without having to do fishing for the larger glitters.  You can check out all of the Glitter Lambs polishes here. Which polish is your favorite? I'd love to hear in the comments below!

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