Friday, January 23, 2015

Emily de Molly Oceanic Forces and Turbulence

Today I have a couple of polishes that I have had for such a long time but have never tried them out. I'm really trying to get better at that! I have so many I've never used and I need to get to them. But today I have two Emily de Molly polishes to show you.

Turbulence (L), Oceanic Forces (R)

Emily de Molly Turbulence is a bright blue jelly based polish with silver holographic diamond glitter and hex glitter ranging from micro glitter up to a medium size hex in dark blue, light blue, lime, pink, silver and gold. I love this type of polish. It just looks like the glitter floats in the base because of the jelly formula. I used three thin coats with one coat of HK Girl. Turbulence and Oceanic Forces dried fairly quickly, so the three coats of polish wasn't a big deal. 

Oceanic Forces is also a jelly based polish, but this one is a teal base with large and small teal circle glitter, and teal hex glitter. This is amazing. It is one of the polishes I really wanted to get when I first got into polish. I had read a lot about Oceanic Forces and it's sister polishes, Cosmic Forces and Dark Forces. One day I just decided to go for it and purchase a couple of polishes. They are more expensive than any polish I had purchased at the time and it was a big deal for me. :0) It's kind of sad that I'm just getting around to using them now! I would just admire them on my nail polish rack...not anymore! I'm excited to use Dark Forces now as well. (I bought that one at the same time.) This is three thin coats with one coat of HK Girl. I did have to fish around for the large circle glitter. I didn't put many on my nails though, because I have small nail beds and even one takes up a good chunk of my nail. I put both of these polishes upside down for about 10 minutes before using them to help the larger glitter come out. 

So pretty!! I think both of these are gorgeous. I keep looking at my nails and can't get over how nice they look. Emily de Molly is an Australian brand of polish, so if you happen to be in Australia, you can get these at, If you're not, you can check out Emily de Molly's stockists here. I purchased mine from  What do you think of these polishes? I'd love to hear in the comments below. 

I'd also love it if you could tell me what you'd like to see me post about. Is there a brand you think I should try? More drugstore polishes? Different indie brands? I'd love to get some input on what you'd like to read about! 


  1. Those polishes are beautiful!! I've never tried this brand...there are just so many amazing indie brands. Trying my un-trieds is definitely a goal this year for me as well. It's a hard one especially since indie brands are continually coming out with so many great collections. I can't wait to see Different Dimensions new ones that launch tonight, but hopefully I can hold off until she has a sale, lol, we'll see!!

    1. Oh my gosh! This is so funny, because I just bought some of the polishes from Different Dimension tonight! I agree with you, there are so many indie brands and they all come out with such cool, unique things. I would like to try some new indie brands because it seems like I'm always ordering from the same handful and there are so many out there. :0)