Friday, January 2, 2015

DIFFERENT dimension Shooting Stars: Alpha and Zarya

Today I have two of DIFFERENT dimension Shooting Star polishes to show you. These polishes are going to be available tonight for the last time, so I wanted to show them to you before they're gone! They will be available tonight at 9pm EST until they are gone. There are less than 30 bottles of each, so if you are interested, I would try to get on to the website as close to 9pm EST as you can.

Alpha (L) Zarya (R)

The first one I have to show you is Alpha. Alpha is a multi-chrome holographic flakie polish. I haven't seen anything like these polishes before. They are totally unique to my collection. In Alpha, the flakies shift from pink to gold and I think that the base of this polish is more blue based. There is also real silver in both of these polishes. The top two pictures here show Alpha in indirect, indoor lighting and the bottom two show Alpha in direct, indoor lighting. This is two coats of Alpha with one coat of HK Girl top coat. Alpha will be available here.

The other polish is Zarya. This is also a multi-chrome flakie holographic polish with the added real silver in it. The flakies in this one shift from green to gold. While I thought Alpha was going to be my favorite, Zarya won me over. I love the color shift in this one and the flakies really stand out in darker settings. I would say that the base in this one is more green based. The top two pictures of Zarya show the polish in indoor, indirect lighting and the bottom two are in direct, indoor lighting. I do realize that the second photo is blurry, but it showed the color shift so well that I wanted to show it to you anyway. Zarya will be available here.

These are amazing polishes. If you have the opportunity to get them, I definitely would. If I had to only choose one it would be Zarya, I just really liked the colors in that one a little bit better. The formula on both polishes is outstanding. They go on easy, they are smooth on the nail and the coverage is very even. I'm super impressed with them. Which one do you prefer? I'd love to hear in the comments down below! 


  1. I have and love both of these! Your swatches of them are beautiful!

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate that!