Monday, October 27, 2014

Zoya Pixie Dust Halloween Manicure

I have a manicure on today that features Zoya Pixie Dust polishes.  These polishes are full of sparkle and dry matte.  They also dry with a bit of a texture.  If that is something that bothers you, it can be easily resolved by using a coat or two of top coat.

I used three different Pixie Dust polishes and one creme polish.  The creme polish I used was Zoya Black Swan, which was limited edition, but any black creme could be used for this.  Chita on my pointer finger and  is the green Pixie Dust with a ton of silver shimmer.  Dhara is the orange Pixie Dust on my middle finger.  It is filled with gold shimmer and is one of my favorite Pixie Dust polishes.  The purple polish on my pinkie is Carter and it is filled with magenta shimmer. I thought these were great colors for Halloween.  

I used two coats of each polish.  While the second coat of Black Swan was still wet, I used all three Pixie Dust polishes to create dots as an accent.  There is no top coat on any of my nails. 

As with pretty much every Zoya polish I've tried, the formula on these was great.  Two coats of each to get them opaque.  The Pixie Dust polishes do dry faster than a normal nail polish, which is really nice. There have been a few times when I need to get out the door where I've used a Pixie Dust polish to do a quick, pretty manicure or pedicure.  The Pixie Dust polishes are available here. Let me know if you try any of these out and what you think of them!

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