Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Halloween French Tip

I have a Halloween French Tip on today!  I used a black and orange holographic polish for this look. I used polishes from the Color Club 2013 Halo Hues collection. This collection is all holographic polishes in various colors. While these aren't available in stores as far as I know, they are currently available on Amazon.  For this post I took pictures with and without flash.  The first picture in each set is with flash and the second is without.

Look at that holo!

The black polish is Beyond and the orange polish is Cosmic Fate.  These are a great option for a Halloween manicure.  While they are the typical colors for Halloween, the finish is different than you'd normally see.  Both polishes had great formulas.  I did two coats of Cosmic Fate (I probably could've done just one) and one coat of Beyond.    

I used Nail Vinyls to create the French tip design. The are available here. I really like using these Nail Vinyls.  I can do designs that I can't do by hand and they are so easy to use! I also used a black stud on each nail to accent the black polish.  I used a drop of top coat to attach the stud to the nail.  I also used one coat of HK Girl top coat over the whole nail after the stud was secured to the nail.

I really like this manicure.  I don't have much experience with nail studs or gems, but I think the black studs work in this design.  I like the chevron pattern with these colors as well.  It reminds me of a Jack-O-Lantern without having the whole face on the nail.  What do you think?  Do you love the holographic polishes as much as I do?  

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