Monday, October 20, 2014

Glisten and Glow Wise Crackin' Carla

Today I have Glisten and Glow Wise Crackin' Carla on my nails.  Glisten and Glow recently released a collection with polish names based on the TV show Cheers.  They are available individually as well as in a set here.  I received this is a polish in a Glisten and Glow Mystery Bag.  I will be doing a review of the bag I received sometime this week.

HK Girl Top Coat (L) Wise Crackin' Carla (R)

Glisten and Glow describes this polish as "a medium holographic purple that shifts to a lilac shade in different lighting with blue shifting magenta flakes."  This description is very accurate.  I will show you pictures of this polish both in the shade as well as in full sun.  


Full Sun

This color is really pretty.  I love how the holo comes out in the sun.  It is also very visible using indoor lighting.  When my hands are in the shade Wise Crackin' Carla looks like a lovely light purple with silver simmer.  

Look at that holo!

I am so glad I received this polish.  I just might have to go and get the rest of the collection!  I can't wait to show you the other polishes I received with this Mystery Bag.  I was so impressed with the whole thing.  I'll leave you with this beautiful bottle shot.


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