Thursday, October 30, 2014

Black and Silver Halloween Nails

I have black and silver nails to show you today featuring a Halloween glitter as an accent.  I really think colors like this work for Halloween.  It is not the typical orange and black, but I like this as well.

Dovima (L), Kiss and Spell (M), and Trixie (R)

For this look I used Zoya Dovima, which is a matte black with a beautiful shimmer, Zoya Trixie and KB Shimmer Kiss and Spell. I really like Dovima.  I puchased the whole Zoya Matte Velvet collection (which is available here) and I am so glad I did. One thing that I think is really neat about this collection is that the bottles are all frosted.  That way it is easy to tell which polishes are matte. Zoya Trixie (available here) is described by Zoya as a "stunning light silver with a sparkling metallic foil finish." I totally agree. If you are looking for a good silver polish, this is one to pick up.  As always with Zoya polishes, I didn't have any issues with the formula of either polish.

I used two coats of Dovima on all of my nails except my ring finger, where I did two coats of Trixie. I then used one dabbed coat of KBShimmer Kiss and Spell (available here) as an accent glitter. I then did one coat of HK Girl top coat on all of my nails.  

Kiss and Spell has a fantastic combination of glitter in it.  This polish includes black, orange, green and purple hexes as well as orange, green and purple stars.  There is also a black microglitter in there as well.  I had no problems getting the glitter out of the bottle.  I did dab the glitter on because it tends to wipe off if you try to put it on like a regular polish.  

I had to include a picture of the beautiful shimmer in Dovima.  While I like it matte, which is it's original finish, I love it with top coat.  It is stunning.  I am not a huge fan of black nail polish but I could see myself using this again as a full manicure. Do you like this combination for Halloween? Let me know, I'd love to hear from you!


  1. The silver with glitter really, really stands out against the dark silver. But the dark silver by itself is really beautiful too. Nice pictures to show the differences!

    1. Thank you! I really like this combination.