Friday, January 22, 2016

Glitter Me This Duo - China Glaze

Today I have a duo from China Glaze that I picked up from Sally's Beauty Supply recently called Glitter Me This. These polishes are from the new Spring 2016 House of Colour collection. My Sally's didn't have the whole collection out, but this was buy the register and I impulsively picked it up! I'll show you both polishes and then at the end I'll let you know what I think.

The first polish in the duo is Let's Chalk About It. Let's Chalk About It is a very, very light pink polish. The only description I found of this one online states that it is a frothy white polish, but I definitely see pink in this one. I did three coats with one coat of top coat. I can still see a few streaks and it is still uneven in a few spots, but it was getting a bit thick so I didn't do any more coats. The top coat did help even it out a bit.

let's chalk about it, china glaze

Glitter Me This is the glitter topper in this duo. It is a clear based polish with baby pink, white and gold metallic hexes in various sizes.  I did one coat of this over Let's Chalk About It. It was easy to spread out and I got a good amount of glitter out of the bottle with each dip. I did need to swirl to get some of the largest glitters out, but that's not unusual for a topper like this. 

glitter me this, china glaze

Overall, I like half of this duo. I enjoy Glitter Me This, and I will use it again over a different light pink or another color - it might look good over a black or darker pink, I think.  Let's Chalk About It is definitely one to skip, in my opinion. The formula is not good and the color isn't unique at all.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this duo, or if you plan on picking up any of the polishes from this collection when it comes out. I'd love to hear!


  1. I really like the look of the glitter topper! It's a pretty combination!

  2. That sucks that the formula stinks on the light pink one. Looks pretty. I do love the glitter topper!

  3. I saw JessFace talk about this white/pink and she had the same formula issues. It's pretty though.

    1. I saw that too. (She's one of my favorites!) I was afraid to try it after what she said, and she was totally right, like usual. :)

  4. I can't believe all the spring stuff is coming out already. Love these together!

  5. Personally not for me, but looks super pretty on you x

  6. Beautifu swatches. Overall, this collection did not speak to me.

  7. Those baby pinks are always so disappointingly difficult. :/ but the topper is beautiful!

  8. This is a very cute duo but the baby pink isn't for me. Lovely swatches!